Gangsaw Blades / Frame Saw Blades

Project Description:

Gangsaw Blades

Gangsaw Blades / Frame Saw Blades

We are manufacturer, exporter of Gangsaw Blades, made of imported Steel Strips from MARTIN MILLER, Austria

Diamond Gang Saw Blades is one of the most advanced tool for cutting marble slabs with high efficiency and smooth cut surface. It is also the most economical method of manufacturing slabs from quarried blocks of marble, softstone, etc.

Purva International is a professional manufacturer of Diamond Gang Saw / Frame Saw Blades. We import best quality Steel Strips from MARTIN MILLER, AUSTRIA & manufacture GANG SAW / FRAME SAW BLADES in UDAIPUR, INDIA. Because of our quality consistency and with our regular efforts to improve the same, we have long list of satisfied customers world over & are adding to the list everyday.

A long standing product, Gang Saw Blades is the most well known & appreciated product of Purva International. Due to our blades high precision & cutting quality, they can be used without problems on all Gang Saws for marble & other stones. Our Gang Saw / Frame Saw Blades are made up of steel which yields highest level of performance with long life.

Types :

  1. Nickel (75 Ni 8)
  2. DIN C75

Features of Blade

  1. Best Quality Gangsaw Blades
  2. High Nickel Percentage
  3. Thickness 1.5 mm to 4 mm
  4. Length as per requirement
  5. Minimum Risk of Crack
  6. Good flatness & Strengthness
  7. High quality cuts with longer service life

Benefits of Nickel Blades (Edge over carbon Blades)

  1. Minimum Rusting
  2. Longer Life
  3. Improved Tensioning
  4. Better Relaxation Resistance
  5. Minimum Sawing Variation
  6. Smooth Sawing
  7. Maintains Tensile Strength

Specification of Gangsaw Blade


Chemical Composition